The Bill Cashmore Award

The first year of the Bill Cashmore Award in 2019 has been given to Eve and Elin to develop their show titled Screwdriver.

Eve and Elin demonstrated a strong artistic and compelling idea that feels relevant and in the ethos of the Lyric.

In Sasha’s words:

I couldn’t have hoped for a more suitable winner of very first Bill Cashmore Award than Eve and Elin.

They were chosen from an extraordinarily strong field but they, and their play ‘Screwdriver’, perfectly embody the spirit of what we are hoping to achieve in setting up this Award in Bill’s name. Not only do they have a great idea and the artistic talent and skill to develop it into something extraordinary, but they have the same hard working ethos, passion and commitment to theatre that Bill had. Bill spanned the roles of writer, director and performer and was best known for his offbeat observational humour, his openness to new learning, his curiosity about people and the world, and for his compassion and generosity. In Eve and Elin we have found two creatives who in person and in their work seem to embody something of that wonderful spirit. 

The Award will give Eve and Elin a year’s worth of space and resources to develop Screwdriver into a fully-fledged production which will be performed in the Lyric’s Studio Theatre headlining the Evolution Festival in March 2020. This will include Masterclasses with Lyric Associate Artists and Award contributors, technical support, a commissioning fee and budget for crew and design.